Vlog number 3 has arrived!

This weeks vlog is jam packed with one of our latest brand photoshoots, our team photoshoot, and some more internal team fun in the office.

We also have 2 new wonderful people who have joined our internal team this week and you will get to see them live in today’s vlog! Please help me welcome, Elise and Sarah!

You guys will also get to see the team and I filming for our upcoming event at Hotel Irvine, which is just over a month away! That’s right, a 3 day event in just over a month!

To learn more about our upcoming event, hop over to the event page to see what kind of information we will be teaching on, who the speakers will be, seat reservations, and more!

-Adam IMob Flores

P.s. Use this limited time promo code, BCAVIP, when reserving your seat to get your admission covered! All you will have to cover is your material cost. Hurry before this promo expires!


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