In this New Vlog you’ll get to see exactly that plus learn some really cool stuff on speaking engagements and what it really means to build a smart business that gives you freedom and options.

You’ll learn more about the “Wow” factor behind personal branding and why it can help you find more clients….and a lot of other cool “aha’s”.

Take a look…. and I even created this VLOG agenda for you so you can navigate easier:

0:18 Cool Behind the Scenes footage in Our Latest Team Meeting

1:32 I teach on the difference between IQ, EQ, and LQ

and how it affects work culture

2:33 What it Means to have a SMART business

3:36 Guest Sales Trainer “Tom Challan” on dealing with distractions

5:23 Spirituality in Business

6:28 If “Drake” and “Tom Hanks” had a baby…

6:58: Speaking at the Lifestyle Hackers Event

8:02 What it Means to Have an “Integrated Product Suite”

8:46 The “WOW” factor and why you want a personal brand!

VLOG Question of the Day

What do you think is the most affective way to market your business?

  1. Speaking
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Other: Explain ________

Leave Your Answer in the Comment Section below.

-Adam iMob Flores


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