In this New Vlog, I share how you can speak often WITHOUT getting nervous or having to spend hours preparing.

Plus a lot more really cool stuff for those of you growing as entrepreneurs

Here is a breakdown of the agenda:

@ :30 – Get Access to My Speaking Tips as I fly to Denver to Speak
@ 3:39 – Get behind the Scenes Access to our Latest Brand Shoot
@ 5:14 – From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur….How I did it.
@ 6:33 – Watch a Flying Hanglider with a Go-kart in the Sky
@ 7:49 – Marco Garcia sharing the Spiritual Aspects of Success
@ 9:38 – Learn about Having a God Dream in the Middle of Adversity

Anytime you want to achieve anything great, you will have to face challenges.

That is why I take time every week to create and share the Vlog so you can see the real everyday struggles, challenges, and wins that go along with being a growing entrepreneur.

You can watch this New Episode of the Vlog by above.

-Adam Imob Flores

P.s. I always appreciate your feedback and comments as you get value from the Vlog. Enjoy!


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