I’m excited to share with you the second episode of my S.M.A.R.T Business Show podcast, “Building A Team and Revenue Streams.

As entrepreneurs, we often question if we’ll ever be able to build a business that matches our vision. If this is you, I completely understand.

This show was specifically created to not only give you the mindset, but to also give you the tangible strategies needed to grow and scale your business online.

Here’s a quick timeline:

2:10- How do I know if I’m suppose to be a solopreneur or an entrepreneur?

4:38- The #1 question to ask yourself in order to explode your business.

6:28- Understanding if you’re outsourcing the right tasks.

8:40- How do you find good people, with the right talent?

10:58- The 3 main components I look for, when bringing on a new teammate

14:38- How do you bring on a team when you’re still growing, and don’t have the funding to do so?

16:28- The first revenue streams I started out with, when I was building my business

20:44- How we created over 10 streams of revenue

22:38- Why an Ascension ladder is important to have in your business

Take a look at episode two by clicking the video above

-Adam iMob Flores


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