Welcome to episode #3 “Personal Brand Profits.” Coming to you live from our branding studios here in Downtown Los Angeles.

We often hear the words "Personal Branding," but what exactly is personal branding and why is it important to have one as an entrepreneur?

When I began building out my personal brand, I had failure after failure. I went through a designer and the quality came back poor. I went to a videographer, but it didn’t match the quality of the photography. After six months, I had a brand that I was unhappy with and didn’t represent me in the way I had envisioned.

My goal for this episode is to save you the headache experiencing what I went through, and to equip you with the tools needed to build a profitable brand.

Let’s be honest…Building a beautiful website is great, but understanding the backend systems and strategies necessary to make your brand profitable is what's key.

Here’s a quick timeline:

1:44 Why do you need a personal brand?

3:03 What should I be investing in to build my personal brand?

7:10 What do you actually make by having a personal brand?

9:22 Should I build a company brand or a personal brand?

12:10 What does branding actually do for me?

13:20 Does personal branding only consist of a website?

16:43 What are ways I can scale my personal brand?

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