I want to welcome you to episode #4 “Why Marketing is Failing You.”

I’m really excited to bring you guys today’s special guest, “THE Tim Chesonis” expert copywriter and marketing guru.


Why is marketing failing you?…

One of the biggest reasons is because we’re focusing mainly on the tactics and trends of marketing, that we lose sight of fulfilling the needs of our audience.

We see other influencers using certain tactics and automatically assume we have to implement them into our own business in order to succeed.

How do you shift this perspective?

By getting clarity on your messaging, focus on providing a specific result, and creating an authentic connection that is in alignment with your target audience.

Here’s a question to think about as you listen to this podcast.

Where am I currently at on my journey, what message am I trying to get across to my audience and which vehicle will give me the best opportunity at connecting with them.

Here’s a quick timeline:

(0:36)-Why the “Influencer” marketing tactics aren’t working for your business.

(1:42)-How to connect with your audience using the 3-D model “The DREAM, The DRAIN, The DOUBT.”

(6:19)-The importance of speaking directly to your target audience.

(7:24)-A BIG reason why marketing is failing you.

(9:24)-Why RE-targeting is key for consistent messaging.

(11:42)-Why it’s important to be known for your message.

(13:46)-Should I start with a FREE product first or should I charge from the beginning?

(16:37)-The incorrect way to model after other influencers

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