Welcome to episode #5 “How To ReInvest In Your Business The SMART Way”

I’m really excited about this episode as Tim and I will be discussing When, What, and How to invest in your business the SMART way.

When it comes to building a business, you want to make wise investment decisions that will help your business to grow and scale. It’s really difficult putting in 60+ hours a month, but not seeing the growth you expected for your business.

If that’s you, I completely understand. It wasn’t until I began outsourcing tasks, knowing my numbers, and setting aside finances to reinvest that I truly started to see my business grow.


The goal is not just building a business, the key is to build a sustainable business that will continue to grow and thrive.

Here's a quick timeline:

(1:02) How to not get caught up in spending money on fancy trips and things before reinvesting in your business.

(3:14) The importance of knowing your numbers.

(5:30) What it means to invest in your business the SMART way.

(7:15) Why investing back in your team is key for long-term growth and sustainability.

(8:23) When is it too much to reinvest in your business?

(10:56) How you can begin scaling your business by implementing this single process.

(11:59) Here’s a key reason why most entrepreneurs fail in business.

(13:48) Are luxury items good investments?


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