Welcome to episode #6 “Top 10 Money Blocks Holding You Back From Success.

"Have you ever asked yourself "Why can't I seem to break past certain financial goals?"

If that’s you, you aren't alone. Sometimes there are money blocks that we aren't even aware of that can be holding us back from truly reaching success in our business.

In addition to those blocks, we begin to allow our fears and insecurities around the topic of money get in the way of financial breakthrough.

Well that stops here!

My goal for this episode is to break down the school of thought behind money blocks, and the mindset and tools you'll need to get to the next level financially.


Anytime we're going after our vision, we have to be able to make sure our mind is right so we can do the right activities that will lead us closer to that vision.

Here's a quick timeline:

1:22 #1 I don't feel i have a service that is worth the price i'm asking for

3:23 #2 I have a hard time asking for large amounts of money

4:18 #3 I'm afraid to put people in a financial hardship by charging too much

5:27 #4 I'm afraid to lose prospects because i'm charging too much

6:50 #5 I feel i'll never be ready to launch

8:00 #6 I don't know what to use the extra money on, so I lack the motivation to make it

9:11 #7 I've been held back by comparing myself to other entrepreneurs

10:23 #8 I find it hard to reinvest because i'm afraid to lose it

12:00 #9 I find making money is hard

13:12 #10 I find myself with an "Either/Or" mentality

14:35 Bonus #1

15:38 Bonus #2


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