Welcome to episode #7 “Top 5 Craziest Business Decisions I've Ever Made!"

I’m super excited to share this episode with you!

I’ll be covering how I invested and lost over $20k on a live event and turned that loss into a learning lesson that has made us over 6-figures every event since, to leaving behind a six-figure income and starting over completely from scratch to build a 7-figure business.

Maybe you’re at a point in your business where it's time to make that big decision, but you're afraid to take that next step.

Trust me, I understand how you feel.

My goal is to share my experiences with you in hopes that you not only learn from them, but also understand why calculated business decisions are often necessary for growth.

Keep in mind…

We all have to make tough business decisions at some point, the key is understanding how to navigate them and how to recover from the major losses.

Listen to this episode and get to the next level of breakthrough!

Here’s a quick timeline:

0:59- The "Compton Story"

4:50- Leaving behind a 6-figure income

6:34- Losing a $20k investment on a live event

7:16- Investing my last savings into a coach

8:37- Our first $50k/yr salary employee

-Adam iMob Flores


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