To the entrepreneur with a message, here’s what I know you about you...

You want to speak, share your message, and enroll new clients.

You dream of one day telling your story in front of big crowds so you can inspire them with your perspective on life.

Here’s the reality...the only one who is going to believe in your message at first is you.

The first 3 years I got ZERO booked speaking engagements and couldn’t even give my speeches away for free.

I would give speeches in my bedroom in the mirror motivating myself hoping one day I could get my story out to those who needed to hear it.

Fast forward to today, I’ve now spoken in front of over 20,000 people and have give  over 1000 trainings online and offline all by the age of 30.

What is really possible when you fail forward?

I guess the only answer is up to you...

In the comments below, what is something you were not good at but now you are great at?

Post your comments below.


P.s. This may be your next speaking topic


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