Welcome to episode #8 “Getting Clarity On Your Optimal Selling Process”

I’m super excited to share this episode with you!

What i’ve noticed is that a lot of entrepreneurs are very ambitious and have many goals, but are spreading themselves too thin. They’re going to networking events, posting content on social, but nothing seems to crack the code.

This feeling drove me crazy, but…

I finally cracked the code!I got CRYSTAL CLEAR on my “Optimal Selling Process”(OSP).

This was an absolute game changer for me.

There are 5 key buckets that you can drive your traffic into. Direct all your focus to filling one of these buckets.

1.Workshops(Conversions are typically 20%)

2.Live Web Classes(Conversions are typically 10%)

3.Ascension Funnels (Conversions are typically 1-3%)

4.Live Events (Conversions are typically 20-30%)

5.Demo Presentations (Conversions are typically 20-30%)

Part of building a SMART business is being aware of your bucket, staying focused on driving traffic, and finally getting to a level of mastery.

There was a time where I was all over the place. I was running workshops, trying learn funnels, posting content on social media and I was never able to master anything. Finally I got clear on one bucket, mastered it, and then move on to the next bucket until i optimized all five.

In order to reach your level of mastery you must stay focused on ONE thing first!

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