Welcome to episode #11 "Purpose Driven To A Million!"

As entrepreneurs, we often hear the phrase "Purpose Driven," but what exactly does this mean?

To be honest...

I believe it's those who have a big heart and desire to help and serve people in the world. Those who aren't driven solely by money, but allow the amount of money earned to be a direct correlation to the impact they've had on others. Along my journey i've been able to build a 7-figure business, but it's not the money i'm most proud of. It's the lives and hearts of everybody we've been able to touch in a positive way. Right now, you have everything within you to begin fulfilling your purpose.

Because here's one thing I know about you...

You have a story, you have gifts, and a specific purpose to help those in the world who so desperately need you. But first, you're going to have to answer some key questions that will get you on the path to fulfilling that purpose!

Today's episode I'll be diving deep into the "Top Ten Questions" you MUST ask yourself to fulfill your purpose!

Here are a few questions I'll be answering:

-Why do other people need you?

-Who is it that you're suppose to help?

-How do you reach the people that need you most?

-Once you find the people that need you, what is it that you offer them?

-What systems and processes are needed to serve your audience?

-What other people can join you on your mission?

As we begin the new year, it's imperative that you become crystal clear on your purpose and how your purpose can lead to more cash flow in your business. You can't miss out on this episode!


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