“ANY TIME you go after your vision, you’re going to face resistance in the physical and in the spiritual realm. And the spiritual realm is just as real as the physical realm. Miracles take place in the spiritual and we have to understand that in the spiritual there is also a real ENEMY who wants to TAKE YOU OUT.”

He wants to keep you discouraged, he wants your spirit to be defeated, he wants to talk you out of the race and get you to quit, he wants you to doubt yourself, take away your boldness. 

THE GOOD NEWS is that as we access more of God’s wisdom then we’re able to overcome the traps of the enemy and we get to the point where we have that authority because of Jesus.  Now we get to STEP INTO MIRACLES where we’re accessing the power in the supernatural realm. 


-Penetrate atmospheres!

-Move at God-speed!

-It allows for doors to be open that only God can open!

…. and that’s where the journey gets very fun when it becomes Spirit-led.”



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