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The SMART Business Mastermind is my exclusive mastermind created to help transition solopreneurs to entrepreneurs as they grow and scale their business online. With centralized focus on scalability, mission, automated revenue streams and team building I created the SMART Business Mastermind to take entrepreneurs to the next level of their business.

The Dream Factory Co.

The Dream Factory is our most prized VIP service reserved for our private clients. From personalized brand consulting, strategic launches, messaging, design, web development, and integrations, Dream Factory is passionate about helping you strategize, launch and scale. The first step to moving forward with our team is to schedule a DEMO with our team to see if we can support you in your next program creation or launch. 

Financial Increase University

Financial Increase University is designed to help you develop your budget, overcome destructive patterns leading to cycles of consumerism and debt, cultivate a winning money psychology, and create a clear game plan to reach your financial goals. Our approach focuses on INCREASE—finding ways to bring in more income with part-time opportunities alongside your primary job, recognizing that in today's economy, saving alone is not enough. Prioritizing increasing income over cutting expenses, we guide you towards financial freedom while ensuring you maintain good financial stewardship. Once debt-free, we equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to begin investing for a secure and predictable financial future.

Breaking a Spirit of Poverty

What Is A Spirit Of Poverty And How Do You Know If You Struggle With It If you are like us and you were NOT Born into Wealth and didn't come from a successful family, you probably have realized by now you are having to break generational chains while simultaneously having to re-program your mind for success. You’ve been struggling with years of slow progress and you are ready to break past blocks around money and success but you want to do it God’s way! If so, you are going to love this course!

Spirit Driven Success Membership

Spirit driven success is our community of entrepreneurs and visionaries that come together to discuss faith and business. We share spiritual success secrets in the bible that unlock fear and elevate our faith in action so we can get unstuck and become unstoppable for the kingdom. It is a powerful community for anyone wanting to grow their business God’s way!

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Lifestyle Marketing School

At Lifestyle Marketing School, you can acquire the essential skills needed to generate affiliate income by promoting digital products, memberships, virtual events, coaching services, and agency services. The school focuses on three main areas for income generation: the Creator Collective for content creation leading to commissions, the Setter Collective for setting appointments through DMs using provided scripts, and the Influencer Collective for conducting live interviews and referring individuals to relevant offers. Whether you excel in content creation, administrative tasks, or building connections through interviews and live streams, Lifestyle Marketing School offers a structured approach to leveraging these skills for affiliate income generation.